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Hominin Body Types (A eulogy to Lloyd Pye)

A short eulogy to Lloyd Pye

It has been two months since Lloyd's passing, and I haven't gotten my head wrapped around it yet. In the last years of my own life I met a true kindred spirit in Lloyd, and we were just starting down the road of writing the 3 books in the series I have been working on full time for the last 5 years.

Sorry that I have not posted anything, but I just didn't have anything to say. Lloyd meant more to me on a daily basis than I realized. Now with him gone, I find it hard to concentrate on the work, because he was so integrated into my thinking processes about the changing landscape of the -7K disaster.

We argued (with a smile, and without malice) a significant amount about the differences between 'Hominids' and 'Hominins'. He was an expert, and I a novice, but I never could get around the idea that all species of the genus 'Hominids' are simply variations from the biological family of 'Hominins'. The ones that exhibit flight and anti-gravity capabilities, (and visible, invisible characteristics) simply possess technology we are just beginning to dimly realize as some form of electrostatic manipulation by some unknown means.

Lloyd saw 'them' as an intermediary link between the science of 'gradualism', and the theology of 'creationism', which he called 'Interventionism'. He was vested in that concept over a long enough period of time, that he wasn't going to make the leap to a fourth rail very easily. But we had tremendous, exciting, and fulfilling discussions about the concepts.

My view, simply stated is that 'They' are not 'from' out there somewhere in a galaxy (or Universe) far, far away. They may have 'gone' there, and returned, but they are originally indigenous to the planet Earth, and are absolutely part of the fabric of our collective biology as carbon based life forms. It is for another day to discuss where and how our collective 'Hominin' ancestral DNA and genome pool originated. But it is very hard to ignore the fact that some specific strings of DNA are exact matches across all carbon based life forms, including the so called 'Starchild Skull', Modern Humans, Elongated Skulls, Denisovan, Red Deer People, Neanderthal, Apes, Horses, Dinosaurs (yes folks, there are in fact Non-Fossilized dinosaur bones that have been tested) Trees, Plants, Fish, Fowl down to a jelly like mass of a Sea Cucumber. They ALL, collectively have some significant amount of matching DNA.

The conclusion is that if ALL carbon based life forms on Planet Earth, at least as far as we have been able to test, contain some exact matching strings of DNA, which has to mean that it is more likely, rather than less likely that ALL carbon based life forms that are inhabitants of the planet, are by definition, indigenous to the planet. It is unrealistic and bad science to segment off a single species and without evidence, assign them an 'off-planet' origin.

My argument is that 'They' are here now, and 'They' have always been here (at least as far back as our collective memory and recording skills have existed) so 'They' are, in fact, logically just another Terrestrial carbon based life forms. Simply 'Other Terrestrials' or "OT's". 'They are from here originally, adjusting to specific diverse biological niches. Like all other life forms 'They' live, breed, survive, die out and go extinct, and 'Their' only real difference, is that 'They' have may have access to some technologies that are more advanced than anything we can remotely imagine.

The 23 or so variations from the 'Family' of Hominins that have been identified, observed, photographed, or that have provided fossil proof of having lived (or are living) on or near the surface of Earth's biosphere, have about as much in common regarding DNA similarities as they have differences. The range is from about 40% up to 96% matching strings of DNA. In my opinion that is too large a number to be anything other than what it suggests.
ALL Hominins are more likely 'related' as Terrestrial inhabitants of this planet, than any other external origin hypothesis would support. You can argue individual specimens, but the preponderance of evidence supports at least 23 separate 'species'. (See list in footnotes)

In light of what little we know of the actual nature of our Galaxy, other Galaxies, the Universe and other Universes, it borders on the fantastical to assume that some carbon based life formed traveled 'From' some distant realm of our, or some other Galaxy, Or Universe, THEN find out they are in large part a biological match for ALL life forms on THIS planet. Really?? We don't even know how biological life originated on this planet. But it did. Every blade of grass, leaf, bone, feather, and fin is a testament to that fact. So 'They' are more likely to be part of that fabric, than not. In conclusion to that little nugget of observation, that fact in and of itself will impact nothing about 'Their' status, functions, capabilities, technologies, and probably space travel OUT TO some other parts of our Galaxy (or  Universe) and back. The only thing I am suggesting is different about 'Them', is that 'They' are originally 'From' here, and are in fact "Original Terrestrials" or OT’s.

The hard fact is that neither the proponents of the 'Ancient Alien' theory nor their detractors have a single piece of hard evidence that supports where the Hominins are from. Their theories are based on 'abstractions' or their perceived views of the purpose and meaning of some general or unknown technology or artifacts. The advocates for 'Ancient Aliens' get it just as wrong as do the entrenched Scientific and Academic groups that are at war with the Theology and Magic of modern Religion. There seems to be little logic or rationalism in the arguments on either side.

Anyway, I miss you Lloyd, and our discussions. This is exactly like a stream of consciousness email I would send you, and maybe change my mind several times over the discussion that would follow. I hope where ever you are up there, you keep lively and thought provoking conversations going.



List of species that have been seen and documented in multiple (hundreds to thousands) of eye-witness reports and or physical evidence including bone, skull or fossil proof of their existence from the late Pleistocene, to late Holocene:

1-13 are from the list of reported and or observed bones, skulls, fossils, or other biological, geological data, (ex. footprints, etc.)

 1. Modern Humans
 2. Cro Magnon
 3. Neanderthal
 4. Denisovan
 5. Red Deer People
 6. Red haired, 6 fingers, 6 toes large human (smallest of the known giants)
 7. Small Giants, 9'-10' (ex. Goliath)
 8. Medium Giants, 12' to 16' (ex. Og of Bashan)
 9. Large Giants, 16' to 26'
10. Super Large Giants, up to 36'
11. Elongated skulls
12. Starchild skull
13. Rhodopes Skull

14-23 are from the list of 'sighted, viewed, recorded, photographed, filmed or reported creatures.

14. Small Pygmies (ex. Tennessee burial)
15. Tiny flyers (ex. Dragons, Reptoids, miniatures. etc.)
16. Wee Folk, Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns, Hobbits
17. 'Alien' Grays (Tall and Short)
18. 'Alien' Reptoids
19. 'Alien' Nordic type, Pleidians,
20. 'Alien' Blue Fireplug
21. Bigfoot, Sasquatch
22. Almas, Yeti,
23. Marine Apes, (ex. Mermaids)

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