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Sunken city on the Florida Plain more than 10,000 years old

A unique city scape in the Americas over 10,000 years old.

This is what appears to be the outlines of a city or at the very least an ‘urban plan’.  This site is referred to as the ‘Sunken Florida Gulf City’ Plan.

This image was taken from an Inmarsat satellite infrared mapping process in the mid 2000’s 

Located about 130 miles west of Homestead, FL in the gulf of Mexico. It is in the middle of the Florida Continental Shelf. Based on Google Earth measurements, (setting Google Earth coordinates to the satnav position of this image) at the same elevation, then measuring the relative length and width of this image, renders a size of some 18 miles in width and some 14 miles in breadth. Making this metropolis at least the size of Miami proper, and likely larger.

Because the lines, (streets) follow what appear to be contour, it is highly likely this plan was built long before water inundated this location.

Based on Google Earth details, this location is at roughly 120’ depth, making it contemporaneous with Yoniugni, Japan and the underwater ruins in the Bay of Khambhat, India. All three sites are at roughly 120’ depth, and with all things being equal, it should mean they are contemporary to each other.

Based on Ocean Rise data provided in my paper on Ocean Rise Across the Holocene, (download here: https://www.academia.edu/3779663/Holocene_Sea_Level_Rise?,) ocean levels have risen something around 190’ during the ‘Third Meltwater Pulse’ between 11,000-11,500 and 7,000 YBP. That is a relative 5’ rise per 100 years during that period.

At 5’ rise per 100 years, this site along with Yoniguni and the Bay of Khambhat, (who are both at this relative depth, were built and inhabited before the initiation of the event that triggered the third meltwater pulse). This is probable, because the technical sophistication of this site plan, indicates it was built with quite robust technical capability, and was probably not built in the face of 5’ sea level rise over 100’ year period. Im my opinion it is more likely to have been built in a stable geological period prior to the onset of the three Younger Dryas melt water events. Which makes its build date likely to be something earlier than 14,000 YBP.

As the entire ocean rise was over 410’ during the Holocene, It makes logical sense this metropolitan looking city scape was designed and built when ocean rise at the continental shelf was stable, as I don’t imagine engineering folks not taking into account the rapid onset of ocean rise if built during any of the three melt water events. A case could be made that they were built between the 2nd and thirds events, (about 1,000 year periods.  As we, Western Civilization has built a sustained civilization in something over 500-1,000 years, depending on how you’re counting. As far as industrial civilization, it hasn’t been over 300 years from burning witches at the stake to putting men on the moon and bringing them home safely. As this is the only marker we have, we know it can be done in that period of time. For references, Miami was a native village 170 years ago,

What appear to be roads suggests some very specific technology, which has not been seen in any other remains of this antiquity.

I am interested in sharing the location of this site via SatNav coordinates to any group or organization that has the will and finances to go put cameras down on this location. Which means credible experience in Ancient Civilization research and publication.

As a side note, this city plan is located well into International waters, and as such, like the Titanic is subject to International Maritime Salvage Laws, and is not controlled by the US or State of Florida underwater Archaeology laws. Of course any jurisdiction with a vested interest will try to control this find, though International Maritime Law will prevail as it is written to prevent usurper from enacting contradictory legislation. And the US is a signature to that International agreement.

If you are an accredited agency with interest in coordinate location, let me know. If you’re putting this out for publication, please reference this blog or my Academia.com site (https://www.academia.edu/37433283/A_unique_sunken_underwater_city_scape_in_the_Americas_over_10_000_years_old) as original  source. 

John Jensen
Earth Epochs

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